Power Chock Restraints

Power Chock™ System 5 by GMR Safety, the top of the line model of the PowerChock family of products. This PowerChock model includes the restraint mechanism, a complete communication system, control and detection systems that allow full integration with other door and dock leveler systems.

The Power Chock™ System 5 combines the ultimate ease of operation and universal compatibility, with the lowest total cost of ownership in the industry.

GMR Safety Power Chock

The Power Chock™ System 5 is composed of a large steel chock mounted on the end of an articulated, counterbalanced arm. The chock is placed in front of the vehicle’s rear wheel and locks onto a grade-level ground plate.

The communication system consists of three (3) sensors (arm, wheel and dock), an alarm, and interior and exterior signal lights that provide a clear signal to both dock employees and truck drivers that it is safe to begin loading or unloading operations.

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