Dock Levelers

Kenco Dock Door offers dock levelers including Pioneer dock levelers, Poweramp loading dock levelers, and McGuire dock levelers, three of the leading manufacturers of dock levelers and equipment. We help you determine the right equipment to meet your unique application requirements and our I.D.A. certified technicians offer dock leveler installation and maintenance services.

Dock levelers available:

Edge of Dock Leveler

Edge of Dock Leveler
  • An affordable option that is easy to install and operate.
  • Ideal for servicing trucks with minimal height difference or where space is a problem

Hydraulic Pit Leveler

Hydraulic Pit Leveler
  • Automatic return to stored position when truck leaves
  • In-line safety stop prevents sudden fall of deck

Mechanical Pit Leveler

Mechanical Pit Levelers
  • Conveniently located pull chain provides easy activation of the deck and lip
  • Direct extension spring provides easy walk down; no moving parts to wear out

Pneumatic Pit Leveler

Pneumatic Leveler
  • Push Button Operation means no bending or pulling
  • Split second activation and easy step-down means faster operation and increased productivity
  • Operates in the event of power outage
  • Compressor can be mounted above opening, next to door, or in remote location

Hydraulic Top of Dock Levelers

Hydraulic Top of Dock Levelers
  • Designed and built to meet the demands of high volume loading docks
  • Perfect for retrofit situations where working range requirements exceed those provided by the Edge-of-Dock, yet there is no existing pit.

And by offering Guard It safety products now you can go beyond basic protection and help keep your dock equipment operating efficiently and safely for years to come.

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