Planned Maintenance for Dock and Door

Your dock equipment is exposed to sun, rain, wind, snow, use and abuse, but don’t worry Kenco has you covered! Our planned maintenance plans not only prolong the life of your equipment, but can also lower your annual maintenance costs, help identify potential problems before equipment failure, and limit exposure to major safety issues.

Kenco has an comprehensive dock & door maintenance program that includes:

  • Complete loading dock equipment & door safety inspections
  • Thorough cleaning of loading dock equipment
  • Adjustments to reach optimum productivity for loading dock equipment & doors
  • Lubrication as specified by the manufacturer
  • Written evaluation of inspection

When is the last time you have inspected your dock equipment? To avoid a serious accident, it is important to routinely inspect your loading dock equipment. Our dock and door technicians can complete an on‐site dock equipment evaluation that will review:

  • Dock plates
  • Vehicle restraints
  • Dock levelers
  • Dock doors
  • Dock seals & shelters
  • Dock bumpers

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